Cultura de mantenimiento

Home and pool maintenance

Ecoaquatecnic S.L. has an experienced professional team dedicated to comprehensive home and pool maintenance. We offer complete maintenance to cover absolutely any requirement that a home may need.

We know how important water quality is for our clients and their families. This is why we tailor our pool maintenance programme to the specific features and requirements of owners.

All our staff have the relevant pool maintenance technician qualifications, as well as wide experience in the field. They are top-notch professionals who will provide outstanding maintenance for your pool water and equipment.


A home needs to be looked after

A home needs to be looked after and we know how important this is both for permanent residents and for those coming on holiday. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease—let us take care of everything:

One-off or regular cleaning.

Checking homes after storms.

Maintenance services, such as repairs, vehicle upkeep, notifications of any damage.

Inspecting and repairing pipes, electrical systems and other technical maintenance.

Looking after your garden, trimming trees and any treatments.

Regular checks and switching on of appliances, such as air conditioning, boilers, heating systems.

If you are overseas, getting everything ready for your arrival: checking for damp, opening taps, airing out rooms, switching on heating, stocking the fridge (by request).

And, of course, maintaining your pool.

We can adapt our services to the different personal requirements of all our clients.